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This is Ragweed Season


Here we are in the beautiful Fall season!  Calm sunny weather in our region with cool mornings, hot afternoons, and comfortable evenings. During this change in season our children have returned to school and activities. Although kids, families and the community are excited to see the return to school or hybrid learning, we are all concerned about our risks to be exposed or to become infected with viruses.  Fall is ragweed season. Ragweed is a type of pollen propelled throughout the air lifted from the soil by the wind. Ragweed can be annoying because it is an allergen which can trigger symptoms which appear like a common cold or flu.  Parents and caregivers may be anxious the moment they see their child with a runny nose. Do they have allergies, cold, flu or Covid-19 virus? Hopefully they just ate something spicy, but if you would like a general guide to determine what may be going on, check out this chart.

The chart is great to keep on your fridge or phone for reference. The chart provided is not a substitute for the expertise of Pediatrician. Please follow up with us for an in-office or telemedicine virtual visit with our doctors here at Trusted Medical Services Pediatrics & Holistic Wellness Center.

Allergy Chart

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