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NEWBORN Baby Care from a pediatrician at Your Door A New Day & New Journey for you and your Baby! In Home Pediatric Wellness Service  SPROUT PROGRAM (updated) PLAN #1  PLAN #2 PLAN #3 NOTE : All visits include full physical exam, vital signs, metabolic screening testing as needed depending on the state, Referrals included … Read more

This is Ragweed Season

  Here we are in the beautiful Fall season! ¬†Calm sunny weather in our region with cool mornings, hot afternoons, and comfortable evenings. During this change in season our children have returned to school and activities. Although kids, families and the community are excited to see the return to school or hybrid learning, we are … Read more

Back to school covid-19 scene teacher fist bumbing masked student

Back to School & COVID-19

Dealing with the Start of the School Year and COVID-19 First of all, as pediatricians, we have to applaud all our parents, caregivers, teachers, and supportive family members for working so hard at keeping our kids together as best as they have been. We are so excited that the new school year is finally here! … Read more